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“Volo” Solution

This is an alternative ‘overhead’ handling solution. It works by transferring substantial amounts of air through a rigid piping circuit in order to move the linen from one area of the laundry to another.

Key features:

  • Fixed suction points option or collection bin option.
  • Container units available in two models with a capacity of either 75 kg or 150 kg (dry linen weight).
  • The container unit is positioned to feed the ironing and towel folding lines, as well as overhead storage systems, trolleys and conveyor belts or other devices.

Who it is aimed at:

  • Customers whose laundry management is spread over several adjacent sites or in sites with obstacles on the ground that hamper quick linen management/handling.
  • The system is particularly recommended in situations where the adoption of traditional methods is obstructed by lack of either room or time (such as trolleys, lifts, or conveyor belts).