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Counting and sorting system for linen

Counting and sorting the linen received is one of the main phases of industrial laundry processes. Is the first step of the process for the dirty linen when they arrive at the laundries.

Counting and sorting system to improve efficency

Montanari piece counting machines, which are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements, offer versatile solutions and improve efficiency in this production phase.

The manual piece counters are suitable for laundries with small to medium-sized counting requirements (up to 900 kg/ hour). They feature a belt conveyor, onto which the operator load the dirty linen.

The laundry is conveyed until it is positioned in front of the belt lanes or in front of the pits, where it then undergoes a selection process.

Depending on the model, the piece counter may also feature an automatic counting function, which counts different items at the same time. Each lane (or pit) is intended for a different article or customers.

Key points

  • Extreme ergonomic system to avoid any injury of the operator
  • Premium materials long duration
  • Dedicated software to organize the destination of the pits and select the customers requested
  • Sorting at same time different article
  • Reducing time and speed up the process to sort the linen

Who it is aimed at:

  • Anyone that needs their linen to be counted;
  • Small laundries that wish to improve the way in which they count their incoming items;
  • Anyone that experiences considerable “losses” of hired linen