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Cutting-edge solutions and technologies for industrial laundry automation

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Smart laundry solutions

Thanks to the experience acquired during its many years of experience in its fields of expertise, Montanari is able to offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer, which are able to improve productivity with particular attention to containment costs.

Tracking system

Montanari has developed a fully automatic system that can track linen moving through the washing and ironing stages with the utmost accuracy, which also simplifies the counting processes, monitors the working life of the items, manages returns, and processes statistics of all kinds.

Integrated solution for laundry management Coral JIT40

Coral JIT40 allows laundries to manage all their usual activities and processes; as it is modular, the solution can be installed and set up to suit individual customers needs. The applications can be grouped into four macro-areas.


Our history

Montanari Engineering Construction s.r.l. was founded in Modena in the early 50s by Nando Montanari who put himself on a challenge for a better future and leave the hardships of war behind. From its historical headquarters in Via Bianco Ferrari, Montanari s.r.l. immediately started focusing on creating solutions to handle goods in various production sectors: customised machinery designed for customers to speed-up their processing phases.

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