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Integrated solution for laundry management Coral JIT40

Coral JIT40 allows laundries to manage all their usual activities and processes; as it is modular, the solution can be installed and set up to suit individual customers needs. The applications can be grouped into four macro-areas.

Laundry control and monitoring

  • Collection and delivery management: driver and vehicle details registry, route planning, loading and unloading management, and the app for drivers.
  • Laundry management: customer details, counting, data acquisition from external sources, delivery notes, and invoicing;
  • Statistics management: statistical analysis of customer trends and prospects analysis.

Linen processing app

  • Check-in management: Customised user interface; Incoming material recording and handling activities for materials from other storage facilities;
  • Piece counter: Preload template, acquisition of linen processing data from piece counter and overhead system;
  • Wash: Washing priority management, laundry loading, activity monitoring and tracking
  • Dryers: Washing flow monitoring and trolley label printing;
  • Ironing: Interface with feeder stations; Real-time management of ironing needs; Automatic uploaded item setting; Configuration of feeders and stackers; Operator performance display;
  • Wringer output: management of linen coming from the stackers and onto the load-free equipment, heading for the packing belt, and recording of items rejected for non-compliance reasons;
  • Omnibus system integration: Automatic labelling management; Label management; Supplements and support for deliveries; Printed data backup management;
  • Deliveries: Real-time monitoring of customer needs; Picking and packing; Interfaces with dispatch station and labelling machine; Picking and bay pairing;
  • Maintenance: Registry of data including master details, systems, components, maintenance engineers, and teams; routine and special maintenance schedule; laundry activity monitoring search feature.

Services App

  • Customer portal: Access to delivery notes, returns, invoices, and payment status information; Calculations and pre-count data entry;
  • Sales: On-site sales support; Activity planning; Customer feedback recording; Checks on customer’s financial performance.

ERP management

  • Customer relations management: lead data entry and prospects analysis.
  • ERP software: management of payable and receivable invoices;
  • Business management: Financial statement reclassification; Production indicators with target result setting; Production indicators, accounting control dashboard featuring production indicators;
    Accounting management in the laundry;

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