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Primary overhead system

The primary overhead system is composed of an overhead conveyor equipped to transport laundry prior to sorting.

Primary overhead system

The laundry and linen hire process starts when the trucks pull up to the laundry. The Montanari primary system to load dirty laundry reduces time spent checking the laundry, which used to be carried out manually by laundry operators, thus enabling the driver to load laundry and direct it automatically to the production cycle.

The dirty laundry, previously loaded into special sacks, is weighed directly on trolleys equipped with hooks and, by means of a clearing button, starts the lift to transport the sacks to the level indicated in the project designed by the Montanari technical department. The designing phase also establishes the ideal path to enable correct “accumulation” of sacks during the production process.

The criterion used to sort the linen in provided accumulation areas is established automatically according to the type of items in the sack.

These sacks are then sent to the various sorting stations where, once opened on the conveyor belt, linen counting operations start.

The overhead system’s management system interacts with the control application of the machines involved in counting the laundry, and, once a new sack arrives automatically, the software configures the piece counter according to the data set in the loading phase of the overhead conveyor.

The trolleys are sent on the line where a “trap-door” device enables empty sack collection into a special container, which stations it on standby for the devices, which, upon request by staff, will be immediately available by means of a rotor descending device, completing the cycle.

Who it is aimed at:

  • Medium/small laundries;
  • Laundries with low levels of automation;
  • Businesses requiring logistics management involving collection in sacks.