Tracking system with RFID technology

Tracking system with RFID technology

Automatic radio frequency systems for tracking the laundry flows.

Focusing on development of automated industrial laundries, Montanari has developed an fully automatic system able to accurately trace the path of fabrics during the washing and pressing stages, thus simplifying procedures such as counting and calculating the lifespan of the different fabrics, and also facilitates returns management and the elaboration of all kinds of statistics.­­

The system is based on a micro-transmitter inserted in the fabrics, an RFID recognition system tunnel and specific management software.

The appropriately programmed tag or chip has a range of data stored in its memories, which will be able to supply the laundry with valuable information concerning the various steps of the processing that the item will undergo, thereby helping to improve warehousing management, filling in notes and invoices, printing out statistics, etc.

It is slipped into the hem or inside any kind of label and then sewn into the item.

Employing this innovative yet tried-and-tested Radio Frequency Identification system, the tunnel can count large amounts of linen automatically and simultaneously.

The linen placed on the conveyor system is taken inside the tunnel, where it is then identified using radio wave technology.


CHIP 2010 counting module (that can be combined with any Montanari machine as well as other makes, both automatic and manual):

- manual client selection, with barcode or automatic, from RB2010 goods reception;

- basic count management;

- summary printouts;

- alarm management;

- machine and report management;

- sensor and proximity management.

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