Planning organization

PL 2010 work planning and shipment management module

  • routes and weekly planning view
  • routes and daily planning view
  • delivery note data view
  • delivery note data confirm
  • counting for areas and workings progress state
  • laundry storage warehouses management
  • material distribution by area view
  • drivers management
  • vehicles and drivers setting
  • routes parameters setting
  • routes setting
  • routes active elaboration and setting

PI 2010 planning management module

  • in addition to PI 2010 module (mandatory)
  • scraps elaboration and view
  • routes, collections and deliveries planning, automation
  • automatic feed preparation and planning and clients delivery
  • weekly planning automatic management
  • daily planning automatic management
  • automatic laundry equipment management
  • laundry delivery automatic management
  • laundry labelling automatic management