Packing line: labels

Once washed and pressed, and before storing, the linen is sent for packing.

To increase efficiency in this final part of the process, Montanari S.r.l. designs and builds conveying systems with belt conveyor curves, which can be positioned at the mangle outfeed.

Using special telescopic belts, the linen can be conveyed from different ironing lines to a single main conveyor belt. With this system, all handling is monitored via a management software system, which provides all necessary information regarding production, warehousing and despatching.

Montanari has developed various accessories for the packing lines, such as bar-code printers.

Montanari offers automatic systems to print and affix labels onto packing or products in an automatic line. The systems enable printing of graphic labels (bar-codes, logos, text and various data) up to A5 formats. The systems can operate as standalone and manage signals directly acquired from the line where they are inserted (bcd codes or pallet/pack signals in application position), which are supplied via a dedicated or company data processing network.


Main features:

• Management system via PC;

• Label processing data management and archive software;

• Automation management via PLC;

• Adjustable automation operating speed;

• Ability to handle different formats of adhesive labels according to request;

• Option to customise the size and features of the system (different overall size, different application positions, multiple applications on the same pack, etc.);

• Adjustable anodised aluminium frame to adapt to the evolution of the entire automation line.


A personal computer inserted in the automatic machine, which manages all data printing:

• Design of the label's layout;                                                                                    

• Input and saving of data to print on the label;

• Call up previously input data to create a requested label;                                                 

• Manage complex data such as progressive numbers, Julian date, tile code, etc.;

• Print different data layouts according to information supplied by the line;                       

• Manage bcd codes;                                                                                                                       

• Option to interface the applicator with Ethernet networks;                                            

• Signal thermal printer and fine paper/ribbon alarm codes.


The PC inside the applicator's electrical panel manages the field signals:

• Collects data from the line and transfers it to the PC to print the requested label;             

• Issues signals to the line regarding the application cycle status;

• Manages machine cycles to affix the label onto the pack in the established position;                                                                
• Issues a signal when the paper/ribbon has finished.

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