Secondary overhead system

Secondary overhead system

Montanari designs and builds storage system for dirty linen handling in laundries,  which feature fully computerised monitoring of the laundering: the contents of each sack, whether loaded manually or automatically ca be traced at all times via a simple interface.

Secondary system (storage system)

Once the operator in charge of manually loading the linen receives an empty sack from the lifter, he inputs data in the piece counter panel regarding the product of the sack to fill, and fills it to the programmed weight. Upon reaching this threshold, the full sack is automatically conveyed to the overhead storage area by means of gravity lines where they are stacked in the line pre-established by the operator. Simultaneously, an empty sack replaces the previous one.


Secondary overhead system Montanari Engineering


The unloading phase into the washing machine is carried out as follows: a sack is placed on standby in the machine's unloading position. When the machine is ready, it automatically issue consent to open the sack, which unloads its content into the washing machine and transmits the washing and customer code to the machine's management system. After unloading, the code assigned to the sack is cancelled so that the sack can be used again with a new code. Empty sacks are automatically compacted and stacked in a special parking line, and are automatically compacted.

Storage system for dirty linen Montanari Engineering


All sacks are made from non-toxic material in compliance with current health directives in force.

When the system needs to be powered quickly, with quantities that can reach daily production of approximately 200/250 qt. in an 8-hour shift, semi-automatic loading of the linen must be provided.

One or more persons from different positions can be engaged to load the linen into the system. Depending on the system, loading is carried out directly in provided openings or on conveyor belts that transport the linen into sacks.

A special lifting system guarantees continuous flow of empty sacks to fill, drastically reducing empty sack replacement times with full ones.

Loading system for linen Montanari Engineering


Key points

  • Reducing space occupied from the linen on the ground
  • Rails in stainless
  • Innovative solution managed by software
  • Gravity system, low cost energy consumption
  • Tailor made designed
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