Packing line

Our packing lines are designed following our customers0 specific request; this is why our systems are very flexible and can be adapted to any laundry's available spaces.

The packing line is composed by an ensemble of conveyors, connected to facilitate clean linen flowing to the shipping areas.

Packing lines solutions

We have developed various accessories for the packing lines, such as bar-code printers.

Once washed and pressed, before storing, the linen is sent for packing.

Packaging line Montanari Engineering


Montanari Engineering designs and builds conveying systems with belt conveyor curves, which can be positioned at the mangle outfeed, to increase efficiency in this final part of the process.

Linen conveyor system Montanari Engineering


The linen can be conveyed from different ironing lines to a single main conveyor belt, by using special telescopic belts. In this way, all handling is monitored via a management software system, which provides all necessary information about production, warehousing and despatching.

Packaging lines Montanari Engineering


The “Just In Time” system is set to only produce what the customers require, according to times and quantities asked, thus optimising the production system.


Key points

  • Automated handling linen by software
  • Increase of productivity and speed up the process
  • Flowing of the clean linen to pre assigned destination ready for delivery
  • Reducing the moving of the carts inside the laundries
  • Reduce the number of the operators working on the line
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