Packing line: Celeri 3D

The new packing line patented allows the sorting of the linen into three directions by shifting the batch without rotating it due to a particular spherical texture of the belt, which increases the velocity and significantly reduces holdbacks as batches are divided into three different directions and is not needed the pusher.

Packaging line Celeri 3d Montanari Engineering


Packing line solution

What is more, this type of linen handling contributes to a smooth linen transport in the laundry along the entire line without any stops or loss of time.

The solution determines a reduction the critical mechanical issues and the safety of operators compared to the old-generation conveyors.

Collecting line Montanari Engineering


The main characteristic features of this new product concern the design of the belt. The spherical pattern of the belt has been specially calibrated according to the type of linen to transport. Linen sorting into the relative areas is handled through a software/plc interface following the functions and clients’ specific necessities.

Despatch conveyors Montanari Engineering


The belt can be used in various configurations including the “multi-layer” overlapping belts and this specific system configuration is suggested for laundries with less space.


Key points

  • Automated handling linen by software
  • Increase of productivity and speed up the process compared with standard conveyors
  • Linen destination to pre assigned destination ready for delivery
  • Specific belt texture 3d patented
  • Reducing the moving of the carts inside the laundries
  • Reduce the number of the operators working on the line
  • Reduced space for the installation
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