Montanari Engineering Construction s.r.l. was founded in Modena in the early 50s by Nando Montanari who put himself on a challenge for a better future and leave the hardships of war behind. From its historical headquarters in Via Bianco Ferrari, Montanari s.r.l. immediately started focusing on creating solutions to handle goods in various production sectors: customised machinery designed for customers to speed-up their processing phases.

In a short time, the company identified its core business in the industrial laundry sector, and, for over thirty years has also been involved with customers in this market area with constantly innovative technologies. High-quality systems and solutions able to improve production, contain costs and simplify processes.


Montanari s.r.l. has undertaken the challenge of expanding internationally, initiated by market globalisation:  in 2014 a new sales branch was opened in Czech Republic, the earth of Eastern Europe in continuously grown, and were hired high specialized agents were acquired for key markets such as France and Spain.

These initiatives has consolidated the global dimension of the modenese company, with a "boom" on the international market with a growth  from 20% to 50% of the global turnover in the last four years.


The company's motto outlines values and objectives: The Care as Ever, the Innovation of Today.

For over 60 years Montanari Engineering Construction has developed industrial automation systems, offering innovative and customized solutions on the market, designed from technical skill acquired over the years and the ability to adapt to specific requirements of customers. Technicians study the needs of those who turn to the company's expertise, making Montanari the ideal interface to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Our numbers

Some info:

  • Over 60 systems per year.
  • Over 1,000 m of lines.
  • Over 6,000 tonnes of laundry handled per day.
  • Over 1,000 industrial laundries worldwide.
  • Over 100 km of conveyor belts.
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Reliability, professionalism, maximum competence, customer attention and continuous updating are our main strengths.